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I have thought of the great ship since I was a boy and watched the original Titanic film of my youth ("Titanic" with Clifton Webb and B...

It was the most one-sided total naval victory of U.S history, in which an entire enemy fleet was basically annihilated and the U.S. onl...

He's the forgotten man among the great Victorian novelists and men/women of letters, due to one reason that happens to explain his fail...

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Charles Curtis
Curtis was the  first elected member of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government with non-European roots.  His grandmother was a Kaw Indian, and he was proud of his Native American heritage (while Vice President he decorated his office with artifacts of Native American life).  Rising in the Republican Party ranks to being Senate Majority Leader in the 1920s, he tried to get the Vice Presidential nomination in 1924, but lost to Charles Dawes.  Four years later he was nominated to run with Herbert Hoover, and they won.  But they inherited the Great Wall Street Crash and the Depression.  Curtis, when a wheeler dealer in the Senate, was well liked, but the chance of being Vice President went to his head - and he became stuffy.  He also made questionable suggestions, thinking an alliance with the "Goat Gland" "doctor" John Brinkley was one that should be picked up on because Brinkley had a radio following in the Midwest affecting four states.  He also felt that Al Capone would be good to ally with for "image problems due to the depression"  because Capone set up some soup kitchens in Chicago.  Then when the Bonus Marchers came up to Washington in 1932, Hoover, Secretary of War General Patrick Hurley, and Chief of Staff. General Douglas MacArthur were surprised one day to find Curtis ordered soldiers to the Capitol Building  to protect it from the Marchers whom Curtis thought were planning to come in and take it over.  They were surprised because the Vice President doesn't have that power.  Curtis did hire a female secretary (a first in the Executive Branch of the government).  However, when an African-American delegation of voters were visiting Washington, Curtis refused to shake their hands!  In 1932 he also made a comment that he thought most people too dumb to understand what the officials (like himself) had to understand about policy and laws.  Hoover had more than enough on his own plate due to the mess of the Depression, and hoped to replace Curtis on the ticket with Charles Dawes (but Dawes said no!).  Curtis hoped to push Hoover off the ticket and get the Presidential nomination himself.  He didn't.  His last major achievement was to appear at the opening of the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, and deliver the opening welcome to the international athletes.  In November he and Hoover were defeated by John Nance Garner and Franklin Roosevelt.  Curtis stayed in Washington practicing law until he died in 1936.   
Charles G. Dawes
U.S. Banker, General, first Director of the budget in Washington, D.C., during World War I (and in explaining some deficits, he uttered the phrase that forever after was associated with him: "Hell and Maria!" (he was angered at the nitpicking about these deficits, reminding his critics that they were trying to win the war, not just balance books).  He would be the creator of the Dawes Plan to help Germany pay off it's war debts, and in 1925 won the Nobel Peace Prize as a result (the third U.S.. politician to do so after Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson).  Chosen to run with Coolidge in 1924. they won.  But Coolidge did not like him and when it was suggested that he run with Hoover in 1928 Coolidge said he'd consider it an insult.  Instead Charles Curtis got chosen.  Hoover made Dawes our Ambassador to Great Britain.  In 1932 Hoover offered Dawes a chance to run with him again for Vice President instead of Curtis, but Dawes declined the chance.

Dawes was an amateur composer, and one of his compositions was used as the basis for the tune, "It's All In the Game", but it only did so the week he died in 1951.
For the last year I have been downloading pictures I found (past and present) on many subjects from the internet and it's wide variety of sites and blogs.  Frequently though I will download an item and find (to my horror) it won't appear as I had hoped because it is a "GIF".  I used to think "GIFs" were small clips of movies or downloads of special motion involved pictures.  But frequently the ones I find are portraits that are suddenly labelled "GIFs". 

My question becomes this:  How do I undo the wall created against my downloading by the "GIFs"?  Can somebody out there actually lead me, step by step, through the process so I don't get stymied by this problem anymore?

I hope one of you out there can help me on this problem.



J. Bloomfield
United States
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